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Public Land Access

Social, organic, multifunctional agriculture. Access to land, young people, training. The key words for the development of our country should be: starting from critical issues, solving them with constructive proposals. Access to public lands can represent a driving force for the development of our country. If supported economically and administratively, it can allow a generational turnover in the agricultural sector and improve the protection of urban green spaces.

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  • In Italy there are 715,000 hectares of utilized agricultural area of public land, of which 380,000 hectares only from the State Property Agency
  • 42,000 out of 715,000 hectares are in the Lazio region

What means entrusting public lands:

  • Creating biodiversity-rich environmental safeguards through organic farms
  • Creating cultural safeguards, in the key of multifunctional agriculture and the agricultural park
  • Creating jobs
  • Hosting projects under the PAs supervision
  • Redistributing wealth and resources
terre pubbliche

The management of the 22 hectares of Borghetto San Carlo, entrusted since 2015 with a rental contract from Rome Capital, aims to be the realization of a pilot project to demonstrate the possibilities of multifunctional urban agriculture on public lands. For this reason, on our case, studies and analyzes on an international scale have been carried out, such as those relating to the VII Framework Program of the European Commission:

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