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Thank you very much for considering supporting our efforts with a donation. It is very important to us, given the mostly voluntary care and dedication we put into building a real agricultural garden, rich in biodiversity, fed by agroecology and enjoyable by citizens!

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Who we are and what we do

The invention of Borghetto San Carlo and its green plaza originated in 2011/2012 but only began its journey in the Agricultural Centre in 2015.

The Cooperativa Agricola has always been an experimental social enterprise that creates work, food and services that can be enjoyed by the community, taking care of the environment and quality of life through ecological farming practices on Public Lands.

Borghetto San Carlo, the 22-hectare estate we love, is an agricultural park in the heart of the city, entrusted to us by tender of Rome City Council. Organic production, training, picnic area, cultural initiatives, festivals, tastings, educational farms and guided tours are the activities carried out by the cooperative.

Starting with the dispute over the allocation of abandoned public land to young farmers in 2011, the Cooperative has moved on to the practice of multi-functional agriculture, finally arriving at Borghetto San Carlo, a green area rescued from the risk of being built over, which has become a symbol of the battle for the agricultural recovery of abandoned places and youth work.

The Cooperative’s agricultural center is finally dedicated to organic food production. Field crops include: vegetables, cereals (around 40 experimental varieties), pulses, biodiversity orchard (more than 50 varieties for 7 species at risk of genetic erosion), olive grove (6 species). The farm also houses beehives for the production of organic honey (wildflower and acacia).

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Why we ask you to help us with a donation

Our concern at the moment is to adequately compensate for the investments made in recent years, which have made the place attractive and usable. The idea to bear in mind is that, beyond the agricultural production aspects, the cooperative’s mission is precisely that of caring for, maintaining and improving the place, in its capacity to cyclically host services of a non-directly agricultural nature.

Therefore, your contribution will make this dream have stronger legs.

Because of what we do, your contribution will be visible and tangible whenever you want to visit us!

You can also support us through donations of useful equipment for agricultural work! And, if you think our project might be interesting for someone who wants to invest in urban agroecology, spread the word or let us know by sending us an email!

How to make a donation

You can make a donation to the Cooperative by bank transfer, Paypal account or credit/debit card. Below are our bank account coordinates.

IBAN: IT50H0832703254000000001249
Name holder: CO.R.AG.GIO Società agricola cooperativa

Thank you very much indeed.