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Borghetto San Carlo

Since 2015, the Agricultural Cooperative has been managing the Borghetto San Carlo estate in Rome, in via Cassia 1420: twenty-two hectares of public land with a complex of 1,400 square meters of farmhouses from the early 1900s ( currently under restoration ). The assignment, with a rental contract for thirty years, comes with the victory of the Rome city to cultivate tender promoted by Roma Capitale.

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Borghetto San Carlo is located in the fourth largest natural park in Lazio, the Parco di Veio, and is in a populous metropolitan district. The Cooperative’s project carries on organic agri-food production and offers socio-environmental services for citizens, including:

  • An orchard and a vegetable garden of local biodiversity
  • Cultivation and reproduction of rare or experimental cereals
  • Artisanal transformation of products
  • Environmental education and training for adults
  • Open-air agri-food and picnic area
  • Social agriculture and hospitality
  • Beekeeping
  • Local food production and promotion
  • Children play area made with reused wood

An historical estate, abandoned for more than 50 years, has returned to agricultural life with work, restoration of agricultural productivity and the recovery of the countryside.

foto di Borghetto San Carlo foto di Borghetto San Carlo