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Who we are

From the dispute over the entrusting of the abandoned public lands to young farmers to multifunctional agriculture, through training, environmental education and reaching the 22 hectares of Borghetto San Carlo, our agricultural project on the Via Cassia, in Rome.

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The Agricultural Cooperative (Roman Farming Cooperative of Youth) was created with the aim of raising public awareness on the issues of ecology and environment through good agricultural practice.The curriculum of the coop is the sum of the skills of young farmers, professional chefs, skilled laborers, anthropologists, biologists, communication experts and educators.

Since May 2015, the has been managing the Borghetto San Carlo estate in Rome, in via Cassia 1420: twenty-two hectares of public land unused for decades and at risk of overbuilding. Borghetto San Carlo is located on theFrancis Way, in the fourth largest natural park in Lazio, the Parco di Veio, and is at the same time inserted into the city fabric, amongst populous metropolitan districts.

The Agricultural center Of the Cooperative is dedicated to organic agri-food production. We grow a number of crops, such as: vegetables, cereals,pulses, a biodiversity orchard (more than 50 varieties for 7 species), olive grove (6 species). The farm also houses beehives for the production of organic honey (wildflower, acacia).

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The cooperative provides social and environmental services to the community, such as the outdoor picnic area with over 150 seats and the play area for children. We also organize training and guided tours.

Since 2012 the has been designing and implementing the training seminars Coltiva il tuo Futuro and edited the publication Coltiva il tuo Futuro. Orientation for multifunctional agriculture. .

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The cooperative has been granted several awards and acknowledgments, including in 2013 the international prize called Real Food Heroes by Vandana Shiva as leader of Navdanya International Onlus, and in June 2014 the International Prize of Ecology Verde Ambiente (Green Environment), promoted by VAS Onlus, with the patronage of Italian Republic Presidency and European commission.

In addition to the social and environmental services, the Cooperative works in the catering sector valuing organic food products, promoting local food production and a no waste culture.